Family constellation

July 15, 2014


If you are an open-minded person, who always seek for new information that can potentially improve your life, to learn and to research on, please allow me  to tell you this story. You would find it very interesting. 

If you are always a skeptic, who often disregard anything that has helped many people, in spite of testimonials from many, please don’t read this blog. Because it would only irritate you and create negative thoughts in you. Just because one doesn’t understand something, doesn’t mean one should just shut down and criticize it for being “not scientific” or “not legit”. Mind you, if you have lived your life in that kind of mindset, I can kind of guess you might not be a very happy person or your life is completely dull and perhaps very stuck. Non expansion. Very very bland. (Sorry for the “in-your-face” approach. My intention is to make you see that and hopefully make a mindset shift and have a better, more fulfilling life) 

An old friend of mine, Maggie, one day Facetime me out of the blue. She lives in Malaysia. She looked rather vibrant a

nd happy. I was happy for her. I thought she might be getting lots of love and sex. Just when I was anticipating her juicy romance stories and stuff,  Family Constellation came into the conversation. 

I found this definition of Family Constellation on this website of The Hellinger Institute of Northern California- “A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of "belonging" in our families. Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member. Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.” Today I received an email about a Family Constellation that says “Trauma, pain, and suffering can affect a family for generations. The issues we struggle with in life—including relationships, health, and career—may be inherited from our parents, grandparents, or even older ancestral lines. Constellations therapy works to energetically untie the knots that bind us to traumatic family events in the past, so we can move toward an unburdened future of renewed potential.” 

Maggie’s life has changed for the better, not just a drastic one-time deal, but in a continuous process; what we call the “butterfly effect” after participating in two family constellation therapies. In a group session, there will be people chosen to represent your father, your mother, your siblings, your career, your money, your health, your grandparents and other ancestors. You are a spectator, looking at all these people acting out, like watching a movie. While in session, each one of them feels certain emotion that applies to your issue that you would like to resolve. Instructor observes their body language too, in order to find out important clues that are related to your issues. These people are strangers. They know nothing about you. You can find out the dynamics among people in your family, that you might not know of or expect. During session, you might encounter a deep relaxation or emotion release. This is a manipulation of energy. You heal things/people/incidence in an energetic level, hence the physical reactions or symptoms. 

I personally have done two one-on-one Family Constellation with Barry Krost ( Barry is an awesome healer. In one of my sessions, I found out things that I never even cared to know about my maternal great-grandmother. After the session, I verified the information with my mother and it was all true. My mother was confused about why all of a sudden I asked about her grand-mother, and why I actually knew about my great-grandmother. My mother had never told me about her. I know...this sounds bizarre. But I am the witness of it. Things started to shift after that, and then I definitely see a dramatic change in my life.

There are many things on earth that we don’t know about. There are certainly many things that we don’t know that we don’t know. Sometimes it scares me a little. We live in a holographic universe. Not a one dimensional one. Our brain is very limited. What we see is only what our brain can handle/perceive. Our job is to always expand our mind and heart.

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