Hormonal levels & body shapes

July 31, 2014


As many of you know, I treat a lot of  infertility in my practice. Although TCM doesn’t address hormone levels, from what I observe throughout my practice, I notice as patients’ hormone levels change, their body shapes shift too. Some of you might say, “Oh I know that...tell me something I don’t know!” Ok. Let me tell you something you might not know. 

You know how it is that nowadays women are so brainwashed to believe that a ultra lean body with 6 packs is beautiful. Look at how many people are obsessed with working out. They run like h*** (Pink Floyd), jump like crazy, do crash diet, force down liquid food that flushes their system...Now please take note I am not saying you are wrong. Do whatever you like. But do know it does deplete your body in a long run. It MESSES UP YOUR HORMONE LEVELS. 

A lot of my infertility patients came in with a very lean physique. Most of them are athletes. Most of them have irregular menstruation. A lot of them eat smoothies, bars and shakes in their diet. After having treatments for a period of time, their body starts changing. They go from a very boyish lean physique to a very soft feminine curvaceous shape. They start having a cute slight pooch. And then meanwhile their menstruation improves: a 28-day cycle, 5 to 7 day flow, no clots, fresh red (not dark), no cramps, no to minimal PMS. And then a lot of them get pregnant shortly after that.

I have also seen heavy infertility patients losing their blubber after their hormone levels improve from acupuncture and/or herbs. If one is obese, it doesn’t necessarily mean she only eats potato chips and sits in the couch all day long. A lot of them have very healthy eating habits. But because their hormone levels are off, they always struggle with their weight. 

Women are not meant to look like men. Woman have a greater body fat percentage due to the demands of chidbearing and other hormonal functions. A very fertile woman is curvaceous (not necessarily fat) and voluptuous. Once my psychiatrist friend, Francis, told me that he dated a very athletic woman before. She had this ultra lean body that reminded him of a man when they were in bed. 

It is women who think men like us to look like men; hence the trend of working out till you die. I used to get sucked into that myth until I saw it with my own eyes how people’s health improve after their hormone levels and body shape change. 

For those who wish to improve their hormone levels, stick to rose bud tea. I get mine at Mountain Rose Herbs. https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/pink-roses/profile .Chinese use rose to treat liver qi stagnation (a fancy way to call “stress”). Rose regulates hormone levels and promotes graceful aging. It is my edible cosmetic.

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