Healthy slow cooker soup

November 13, 2014


I think from now on whenever I write my blog, I will enclose a soup recipe for everybody. Patients have been asking me for recipes for soups, porridge..etc.. The other day I was shopping at an herbal store. A lady asked me what I eat that I have good hair and skin. At first she asked me whether I wore foundation. I said I didn’t like how makeup sticking on my face all day long. It is like my pores can’t breathe or something. Besides I am just too busy to pay attention to applying makeup while I could spend that time to read a few more pages of the book I love - not that I am trying to sound studious. I told her I eat a lot of herbal soup almost everyday.

Healthy home-cooked meal is powerful. It is not only full of love and good intention; it is full of healing energy. No matter how healthy the food is at a restaurant, it is still cannot compare to your own home-cooked ones. Even though the chef who cooks your food at a restaurant uses the best ingredients, how about his/her mental/emotional state? What is that person thinking while cooking your food? Would you eat food that is infused with lots of other people’s stress, worries, agony, anger or hatred? 

Here is a healthy slow cooker soup recipe. You can easily get these ingredients in Chinatown. For folks who live in Chicago, check out Sweet House at 2120 S. Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60616. They sell the best soup ingredients (just the herbs. Not pork/chicken bone).


Herbal Chicken/Pork bone soup


1 lb pork/chicken bone

20g cordycep fruiting body

20g goji berries

1/2 lb shitake mushrooms

3 pieces dry scallops/dry mussels

some salt 



Very easy. Just put everything into a slow cooker and add water to the top. Cook in low heat overnight. Season with salt when it is done. 



Cordycep fruiting body gives a very decent taste to the soup. It strengthens your immune system and boosts your energy. Also improves lung capacity. 



Shitake mushrooms are also called Chinese black mushrooms. The dry ones are better than the fresh ones. Sweet House sells the best shitake mushrooms. How to identify good quality ones? Get those with lots of cracks on the cap. Soak them first with hot water until softened. Reserve the water for soup.  

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