Fat doesn't make you fat

February 16, 2015


Many people’s concept about fat is still stuck in the 80’s era. Remember all that notorious fat-free hype? What’s the ad about that fake cooking oil (that has no calories, no nutrients and ‘wouldn’t make you fat’ - in fact made you fatter) again? Olean? 

Fat is good for you. It is one of the 7 essential nutrients a human body needs. There is no such thing as a low-fat diet. That’s just crazy. The functions of fat include keeping your hormones balanced, helping the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, maintaining your body temperature, insulating and protecting your nerves (allowing them to engage in impulse transmission and reception), providing you energy, promoting brain functions (fat accounts for about 60 percent of your brain and affects your learning capabilities, moods and memory retention), producing hormones. 

Hormones are your body chemical messengers. Fat is the building block for hormone production. Hormones play a big part in your mood, your energy level, your metabolism, your fertility level etc.. Some of you might say “I don’t need to be fertile anymore”. But it is not the point. Everything goes together. Not having enough good fat in your body will lead to you being very hormonally imbalanced (hence weight gain, crappy mood, lethargy...), having bad hair and skin complexion etc.. You’d look totally ashy and with no vibrant glow. And when menopause kicks in, uh oh! Massive weight gain, psycho crazy mood swings, night sweat, hot flashes, insomnia.  

So from now on, eat lots of good fat. And also be very conscious about the different smoking point of oils. Please refer to the chart below:




Walnut oil, unrefined

Extra virgin olive oil



Hemp seed oil 



Extra virgin coconut oil 



Duck fat






Sesame oil



Culinary argan oil 



Virgin red palm oil



Ghee (clarified butter)

Rice bran oil

Tea seed oil

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