Citrus peels

April 17, 2015


Lately my patient, Elena gave me this recipe for a refreshing beverage. I’ve decided to bring it up a notch. It is up to you to use whichever version. I just like mine a little bit more intense, and medicinal. 


Elena’s version: Parsley, lemon juice, raw honey, warm water

My version: Parsley, whole lemon (cut into halves, remove all seeds), raw honey, warm water

Blend everything together. 


I love my Vitamix. You can use whatever brand of a food processor. However I do notice Vitamix blends ingredients more thoroughly. The texture is different. 

The reason why I use the whole lemon, is that I like to include the peels, which have excellent medicinal values: moving stagnated energy, improving digestion, reducing pain, dispelling dampness (extra fluid in the body, which is like yucky glue), improving complexion and maintaining a healthy body weight. You can also use a whole lime if you prefer. Or mix half a lemon and half a lime together. I also like to add a few drops of bergamot essential oil by Young Living into the beverage, to give it a kick. 

The Chinese add orange peels into their herbal soup, for the medicinal purposes mentioned above. A lot of Chinese herbal formulas also include orange peels. 

Perhaps from now on you could reserve all your citrus peels. Dry them up and keep them for all your cooking.  Sun dried peels are better than machine dehydrated ones. I like the power of Mr. Ra. 

Enjoy your awesome drinks.

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