Your network: Is it nourishing or depleting?

March 29, 2016


Today we are not talking about our internet network. It is a network that far beyond what many people have seldom come to think about --- our spiritual network. 


We think we are all individuals that walk alone, stand alone and do things alone. It looks like it. In fact, if our eyes can see through the veil that blocks between the physical and non-physical realm, we would see strings of energy that forms like a fishnet fabric connects us to one another, including our plants and animals.


The strings, known as energy lines, constantly feeds our energy to others and vice versa. We are all inter-connecting and inter-affecting one another perpetually. Ever had an experience when you thought about someone and within minutes that person's phone call came in? Or when you walked into a room where some people had just had a fight and you detected their anger and sorrow right away, even though the fight happened way before your arrival? 


Knowing about this fabric of energy that covers and connects all of us, we have to question one of the many things in our lives that greatly affects us: the people whom we hang out with frequently. You are what you eat. You are whom you hang out with frequently also. You can think about the 5 people whom you see and do things with all the time. Who are they? What do they like to do in their lives? What's their energy like? How do they live their lives? What's their usual emotion(s)? What do they feed their physical body with? What are their mindsets? Slackers would never hang out with hardworking, motivated people. Kind people would never mingle with mean folks frequently. Health-conscious people would never eat and hang out with junk eaters. Mindful folks would never spend time with alcoholics or drug addicts. If you are putting yourself around people whose vibrational level greatly different from you, you would either fall sick or feel empty and unhappy after some time. They drag you down. Their energy depletes you. 


I always advice my patients: You feel hesitant whether you should go to the party that you are invited by people whom you don't really like. But because you want to be diplomatic, you attend anyway. Don't doubt. Ask yourself whether that nourishes or depletes your soul after that. Life is short. Why sacrifice your soul for others' approval and recognition? Why deplete your energy so that you could come home completely exhausted and feeling upset and annoyed? How about having a social circle makeover? You are more important. Love yourself first.

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