Vibram Fivefingers

August 28, 2011

Human beings are not meant to wear shoes. However, it would be a bit much walking barefoot. It could be risky. I discovered these Vibram Fivefingers back in 2 years ago. These are my staple in the summer time. Once you’ve tried them on, you wouldn’t want to wear other regular shoes. These shoes are so lightweight. You can wash them in washing machine and air dry. I know they look weird. I don’t really care though. 

I found this on Wikipedia about walking barefoot: “People who habitually go barefoot generally have stronger feet, with better flexibility and mobility, fewer deformities like flat feet or toes that curve inwards,


and less complaints. Walking barefoot enables a more natural gait, eliminating the hard heel strike and instead, allowing for a rocking motion of the foot from heel to toe. Similarly, barefoot running usually involves an initial forefoot strike, instead of on the rear of the foot, generating smaller collision forces.”

When you first wear them, you need to get used to the new feeling on your feet. Maybe you could try them doing triathlon. I always tell people I wouldn’t wear anything that I cannot run in it. I certainly can’t relate to people who wear heels all day long. 

If you get to meet me in the summer time, you would see me in my vibram fivefingers. Greet me and look straight at my feet! 

Take care.



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