Tibet medical mission trip

September 10, 2012



Tibet Medical Mission Trip 2012 | Best acupuncturist in Chicago

I am home, from Tibet! This was absolutely a phenomenal trip: fun, exotic, difficult and hilarious all on one. I’ve learnt a lot. Not just medical skills. I have learnt to appreciate the little things we all take for granted in life: Hot shower, running water (with the choice of hot/cold water), clean environment (sans rodents, flies, bed bugs, mosquitoes...)and all the convenience we get automatically in my daily life. 

There were 7 of us in the group. 2 acupuncturists and 1 nurse from Chicago, 2 MDs and 1 dentist from NY and 1 medical student from New Orleans. We made a great team. Everyday at 7am we had very simple breakfast (rice porridge with some buns, tea, coffee. I mixed mine with hot chilly paste. For some reason it made me feel better from the high altitude). We started seeing patients at 9am. There was a huge crowd every morning, waiting by the front door at the ani gompa (nunnery). Lunch started at noon. Vegetarian food, of course. I had no problem with the food. I eat like this almost everyday anyway. And then afternoon session started at 1.30pm. The villagers were very appreciative. They thanked us everyday. Seeing them getting better made us all happy. Most of them had gastrointestinal problem and joint pain. Dinner started at 5pm. Sometimes we went into town to take our shower (and yes we paid to get our shower. Shower was a luxury). There wasn’t much to do in that area where we stayed. Sometimes we went up to the rooftop to do star gazing. They were amazing. We were at 15,000 feet above sea level. It was always chilly. The air was thin. Many of us suffered from shortness of breath. Sometimes headache in the morning. 

I think those of you who always complain about things, even though you have all the needs in your life, should make a trip there. It would shut you up. You want to see real stressful situation? You’d see it there. You’d see how poor the people are, and yet they are content. We live in a very clean environment, compare to where they live. Not to mention the decent bathroom system we enjoy. Imagine your excrement drops down to a 20 feet ground where you could see others’ also? Imagine there isn’t any flushing system you could use. Imagine every time when you wash your hands the water being extremely icy cold. Imagine there is no heat in the winter time where you are 15,000 feet above sea level. Imagine all that and reflect, please.

Here are the pictures taken in the trip. Enjoy! 


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