Gua sha

December 18, 2013


I think many of you who know me and who have got gua sha from me is laughing (or cussing) now reading this blog. This whole thing has become sort of like an inside joke. But let me tell you, that this treatment is no joke. 

Gua means scraping. Sha means toxins. The purpose is to bring whatever toxins that is blocking you out to the surface. It improves blood circulation and unblocks the meridians. It is an intense treatment. Yes. Your neck, shoulder and the whole back torso is spread with oil (I like babassu oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Just stay away from petroleum based oil) and then that whole area is scraped with a gua sha tool. Some practitioners like to use a ceramic soup spoon. No skin peeled off. No blood gushing out. However if you have “sha” (toxins) surfacing, you would feel as if your skin is peeled off and blood is gushing out. The more toxic you are, the more intense and darker in color it is. The first gua sha is the most difficult for most. 

I have successfully healed chronic stubborn migraines/headache with this treatment. I also use it for flu, cold, infertility or just an overall unwell feeling. You know how it is sometimes you feel stuck and stiff all over? You just don’t feel like yourself? Gua sha could pull you out of that rut. 

Speaking of infertility treatment with gua sha, I have had many success stories which women became very fertile after only just one or two treatments. Most of them have gone through numerous attempts using IUI, IVF and then maybe IGIVEUP. They would do whatever it takes to achieve what they want. My friend, 45 years old, got pregnant after just one acupuncture and one gua sha treatment. 45!!!!! Her husband and her already had a daughter a few years back. They tried for a long time to have a second baby but to no avail. Her sha was very dark and very intense. She is Chinese hence she understood that those were toxins that blocked her health. Frankly that day we didn’t even work on her fertility that much. Her husband referred me two patients so I invited her over to have a complimentary treatment; just to do some health maintenance. VOILA! She got pregnant the following month! Gua sha really speeds up the healing process. 

You can hate me, resent me while I am doing the treatment, thinking that I “traumatize” you. I don’t really care whether you like me or what you think about me because you don’t come to me to be my friend. You pay me to get well. If you tell me what your concern is, I would use all my might to get you well. Yes, you suffer from that 20 minute of pain. Big deal! Grit your teeth and just do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. Quit complaining! Get a life! Healing is not necessary a bed of roses sometimes. In fact, most of the time it is not. 

I wish you all well. 


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