April 11, 2016


It is all about “prevention is better than cure” in my medicine. After all, you don’t wait till you collapse. I mean why watch yourself wilt while you could do something to nourish your inner garden before that?

It is all cool. Until one day I all of a sudden had a epiphany when I saw the phrase “anti-aging”. How about “graceful aging”?  To me, “anti” means “absolutely can’t accept and won’t tolerate”. But I am sorry, my dear. Aging happens to everybody. If you resist, it sure will persist, in a very negative way.

Aging is a normal process. Hey, after all, you agreed to it before you signed up for your life here on earth. You agreed to every bit of nuisances, every drama, event..everything! And now you question why you are aging? That’s part of the deal!! The key is how to age gracefully, easily and happily. Dragging yourself with all ten toes, shin bones, lower back etc all being stiff and achy as if you have 20 million tons of ball and chain holding you down, or flow through life cheerfully, energetically like a “la-la-la-oh-so-casual-and-easy” phoenix, with a libido like a 20-year-old (that’s a bonus)? Your choice.

Some smarty pants might hiss at me now, “People have pain because they are old..” Uh...WRONG!!!!See that is what I mean. We are so brainwashed. So severely brainwashed that we have such ridiculous beliefs. It is like   Please...I work in the holistic healthcare industry. I have seen patients from all walks of life. Many of them who see me, have no specific ailment. They understand the art of “taking good care of themselves”. Many “senior citizens” are not senior at all. They do yoga (Not just upward dog, downward dog, they also do headstand and handstand, ok?), swim, have no aches and pain and when you look at their kitchen, you could tell the kitchen is used daily (making homecooked meal) and their pantry is full of real food (not plastic food). Some very savvy ones even have a sustainable gardening going on at the backyard!!! 

So you are young. You think you are invincible. You think you can just eat, drink whatever you want. Smoke and do drugs and you are still standing tall and strong, right? Believe me. I am a TCM practitioner. I wish you all the best things (especially health) in life. But don’t forget you are flesh and blood after all. Not a machine. Even a metal made machine breaks down. Maybe it lasts longer than your body. But that is not the point. 

Hiss at me again, “My Uncle Phil did all the bad things, smoked, drank, did drugs and all that...he lived till 85!!!” 

Yeah...can you imagine if Uncle Phil really took good care of himself? He’d probably wouldn’t look his age. He’d probably have an even better life. 

Don’t view things so one dimensionally. And just because another person smoked and didn’t show any symptoms, that doesn’t mean it gives you the “everything is fine and ok. Go right ahead” signal to destroy yourself voluntarily. 

:) I am going to lunch now. Dandelion greens is waiting for me on the table. 

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